Pantry Cooking Month, Day 4

Menu: Breakfast: Instant grits with butter Snack: Sous vide golden beets with pomegranate molasses Lunch: A big salad (green leaf lettuce, golden beets, apples, bacon, garbanzo beans, and ranch dressing Snack: Corn fritters Dinner: Grilled cheese on James’s great homemade sourdough bread; V8 with olive juice and Frank’s

Pantry Cooking Month, Day 3

Menu today: B: Instant grits with butter S: Apple, V8 spiked with olive juice and Frank’s, cup of oolong tea with agave nectar L: Field roast, roasted potatoes, peas, gravy S: Sodastream (mojito flavor) D: Frozen potstickers, bok choy, dipping sauce (made of the sauce that came with them mixed with some gochugaru, sesame oil,… Continue reading Pantry Cooking Month, Day 3

Pantry Cooking Month, Day 2

Today’s menu Breakfast Sourdough toast with butter & blackberry jam Tea with almond milk & sugar Snack Cold boiled potato w/mayo (lazy potato salad) More tea Lunch Clean-out-the fridge tortilla soup: pork, peruano beans, enchilada sauce, chicken stock, veggies, tortilla strips, spices SodaStream mojito fizzy water Dinner Barbecue chicken pizza made with James’s homemade sourdough… Continue reading Pantry Cooking Month, Day 2